10 Interior Design Trends for 2014

Let’s look at some of the prominent new trends in interior designing. The latest trends on interior designing includes creating a dramatic impact from simplicity. Bringing few simple changes to your space creates more bold and updated look to it. Given below are 10 latest trends which are sure to stay around for a longer time. One can definitely give a try to any of them with confidence.

1. Saturated colors


Use highly saturated colors like navy and plum instead of gray or beige. Navy color can blend with other colors and styles as well. If dark shades look scary, start with a piece of furniture like a sofa as your focal point and work from there.

2. Rich fabrics


Use rich fabrics like velvets, textured corduroy, earthy suede etc. rather than cottons and linens. These fabrics are durable and sophisticated also.

3. Modern takes on classic patterns


Floral patterns are always in style, whatever the trend is. It is not just the old fashioned floral designs but also mixed patterns. Try to purchase funky designs and modern patterns which are sure to give a bold look.

4. High style at low prices


At present new design trends can be done at affordable rates. There are various retail interiors who provide affordable trends. Some of them also work in collaboration with famous designers.

5. Goodbye matchy-matchy


Now we see designs which use wide range of colors and they don’t have to match, same is the case with patterns also. The latest trends allow the people to try various colors, textures and patterns in to their space. The consumers can take risks in selecting different colors and patterns and are sure to be surprised at the trendy look which these can provide.

6. Think outside the style box


Like in the olden times, the trends need not be categorized as traditional, rustic, country, industrial etc. Instead we are going to see a broader group of stylized versions of interiors. Selecting items from various styles gives a broader interpretation to the styles.

7. Meaningful accessories


Decorative items are always kept in large quantities. The latest trends make you select objects, photos and other accessories which are of great significance and helps you keep your collection from getting out of hand.

8. Sculptural artwork


Make sure to use sculptures made out of wide range of materials like ceramic, horns etc. The sculptures will definitely add dimensions to the walls and these art collections will be a center of attraction.

9. Natural elements


Natural elements are not only placed on walls but also on fabrics and furnishings. Various hides are being used in the textile industry in various colors and applications.

10. Light-toned wood


The latest colors in furniture is the caramel and honey tones. For the past many years the dominant colors were dark colors like mahogany and cherry.  Using light tones go with any design styles and are attractive and appears elegant.

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