Advantages of LED Lightts

  • LED lights are energy efficient and are capable of producing 135 lumens/watt
  • LED’s have long lifetime and those which are properly engineered runs for 50,000 hours or even more
  • LED lights are made of solid material and contains no filament or tube or bulb and hence they are also called as Solid State Lighting (SSL)
  • LED provides light instantly when switched on (nanosecond time) and so it doesn’t require any warm up period.
  • LED lights work on low temperatures and lights even in subzero weather. Hence it is not affected by cold temperature
  • LED lights can be directed to wherever you want and thus the light doesn’t get wasted
  • LED’s are best for displays and retail applications as they do not wash out colors like other lights. They provide brilliant color rendering.
  • LED’s do not contain mercury or harmful substances and so it is environment friendly
  • LED lights are controllable and its brightness and color can be adjusted

Why LED’s are chosen for many applications

  • LED lights are used mainly in situations which require frequent switch on and offs. It is because other lights like fluorescents burn more quickly when used frequently and HID lamps take long time for starting
  • LED lights can be dimmed easily
  • LEDs light up very quickly and achieve brightness in microseconds
  • LED fail by dimming over time whereas other lights burn out abruptly.
  • LED’s do not get damaged easily with external shock as it has solid state components, whereas other light sources are fragile
  • LEDs are very small and are easily populated onto printed circuit boards.

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lights does not contain mercury.

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