Kitchen fit out


Golden Link Industries has earned a reputation by manufacturing kitchens that are thoughtfully designed technology incorporated, meticulously executed to nestle where ever it is, either in flats, apartments, villas etc. The flavors of daily life begin from the kitchen in any human habitat and we see that with the popularity of the food outlets, the culinary magazines and just from a retail perspective with the popularity of kitchen gadgets and high style serve ware and entertaining ware.

Not to say that kitchens today are more than just cooking. It really is the hub and the heart of the home, where families gather, people entertain, the children do homework, and in fact it represents the soul of inmates.

So we think that most families today really want to create a kitchen that will support their lifestyle needs. And to make the dreams come true for that home that they’ve wanted to have for quite some time.


  • Kitchen

- Authentic
- Traditional
- Modern
- Contemporary

  • Appliances
  • Doors
  • Pergolas
  • Wardrobes
  • Vanities

Authentic :
To mold out elegance and create a timeless space, offsetting the graceful design for a comfortable ambience. A mix of natural materials make for a practical but very attractive workstation.
Traditional :
Familiar & friendly, creating a welcoming home front offers the ultimate warmth of our tradition matched with an eye appeal carrying the formal simplicity of its traditional roots.
Modern :
Freshness & Vitality that defines the modern kitchen which leaves behind the most striking effect, ultimate flexibility used to create depth and perfect balance of high Tech infused with style & accessorized with exclusive products in any form.
Contemporary :
Something special, a kitchen to cook at, cook in & live with, striking with your favorite color palette & matched with simplicity and style.